Stay Cool, Save Money

Posted by Christi Reynard email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) As the Tri-state and other parts of the country sweat it out in a scorching heat wave, temperatures near or in triple digits have many seeking relief. But cranking up the air conditioner now, could cost you later.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 20 percent of household utility bills go to keeping cool, a number that can creep higher as the mercury rises.

So to freeze costs, they suggest some small things that can add up to big savings.

-Don't waste energy cooling an empty house.

You can reap savings by turning up the thermostat just a few degrees while everyone's away.

-Pull curtains and shades.

Pulling curtains and shades closed during daylight hours to keep the sun from heating up the inside of your home.

-Combine forces.

The EPA says if you raise your thermostat by two degrees and turn on a ceiling fan, you can trim cooling costs by up to 14 percent.

-Replace your air filter every three months.

A dirty air filter makes the air conditioner work harder and use more energy, so check your system's air filter every month.