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Suburban Chef Barbie Hahn's Zucchini Fritatta

Serves 4
6 inch non-stick pan
Non-stick cooking  spray
3 Tablespoons olive oil
6-8  eggs depending on size
2 small sweet zucchini sliced 1/4 inch rounds. If you use one yellow and one green it looks so beautiful when you cut the Fritatta!
1 cup red or gold potatoes sliced thin
1/2 cup parmesan or Romano or pecorino cheese.
1/2 cup chopped red , orange or yellow pepper
1/2 cup fresh chives
Freshly ground black pepper.
Spray sides of pan with non-stick spray or wipe generously with olive oil.  Put remaining olive oil in bottom of pan.
Over medium high heat, saute' potatoes and peppers until golden brown on both sides.
Place zucchini disks in pan in 2 layers. Saute for 2-3 minutes
Mix eggs with cheese and black pepper to tastes and pour in pan.
Sprinkle chives on top.
Reduce heat to low and cover.  Let cook until eggs are just set about 5-7 minutes (giggle handle of pan to test)
Let cool 5 minutes, invert on plate and invert onto anther plate. Cut into 4 wedges. Enjoy!
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