CPS discusses bussing change

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Public School board met Wednesday to talk about the issue of transportation.

The board voted on two things - a 48 hour waiver to consider adopting a transportation mileage change and approving a resolution that supports the mileage change, which includes a mile for grade school and 1.25 miles for high school, as well as new safety routes implemented.

The change would mean grade school students living a mile or more and high school students living 1.25 miles or more from their schools would have to find their own transportation.

New board members Vanessa White and Sean T. Parker said they didn't approve of transportation change.

The school board is looking to cut roughly $20 million from their budget and school authorities have said bussing may be one area the district has to make cuts in.

The school board passed a temporary budget last week.

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