Power out for thousands in Hartwell, Hamilton County

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

HARTWELL, OH (FOX19) - It has been a frustrating afternoon and evening for many folks in central Hamilton County. Their power went out around two Thursday afternoon.

There were as many as 11-thousand customers without power and feeling the dangerous heat.

Duke Energy blames equipment failure at their substation on Staburn avenue in Hartwell, as the cause for the widespread outage.

No power to run their a/c's, their fans, or their refrigerators and businesses like the Wendy's on Vine street in Hartwell, had signs taped to their windows apologizing to customers - no power, no service.

The manager said their food is good up to 24-hours in a cooler without the power on.

But just up the road from the substation, Harry Maloney had the situation on-ice. He poured a bagful into a cooler on his front porch.

"Oh, I had it in the freezer in the basement but I thought I'd better get it out before it melts," Harry Maloney said.

He filled a cooler full of cold beverages. Then, he, his wife Ava and her sister Nellie Combs, waited patiently for the power to come back on.

"Well," Combs said."I like it more comfortable, but I can take it."

"We'll watch the traffic go by," Ava Maloney said.

The Maloneys do not have air conditioning in their house.

"I like it without a/c," Maloney said. "I don't want that, have to close-up all the doors and windows, I want them open, fresh air right? Yes!"

But Ava looked over at one point and their fan had gone, "kapoot!," she exclaimed.

The trees in their front yard shaded the house and kept it from heating up too fast.

"No it wasn't too bad," Ava Maloney said. "There was a breeze coming in, this is kinda cool here."

That was on their front porch, but not far away, it was a real endurance test for Cincinnati Police.

"Everybody's doing a great job," said Officer Kandice Roper-Issa.

They were working in blazing sunshine, heat, humidity and car exhaust.

"Let's go!," shouted Officer John Vaughn as he directed traffic around him and his co-worker Roper-Issa.

The pair was keeping traffic moving at one of the busiest intersections in Hartwell, at Vine and Galbraith Streets.

"Because nobody wants to be the one to stop and let the other one go they figure it's no light I'll just keep going," Vaughn said. People appeared to be taking their direction well.

"Oh they, they doing ok," he said. "It'd be chaos if we weren't here."

Duke Energy continues to work to restore service. Stick with FOX19 and FOX19.com for the very latest on this developing story.

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