Reds Draft Pick Suffers Shark Bite

A Texas man drafted by the Cincinnati Reds was bitten by a shark while surfing off the Galveston coast.

Chad Rogers, 20, has been surfing the Gulf waters since he was 10 years old. But on June 27, he experienced a first while catching some waves at Eight Mile Beach.

"Next thing you know, I feel something which feels like just a mouthful of needles grabbing my foot," he said.

Rogers said a shark grabbed hold of him as he kicked and paddled. He said he saw the blood and what he described as a 5-foot bull shark.

"The only way to get into shore was over him, so the scary part was actually paddling in," Rogers said. "I thought I was going to get my hands bitten."

Beach patrol Chief Peter Davis said he doesn't think the incident was a shark attack, but rather an accidental shark bite.

"Sounds to me like if it just let go and swam away that it was thinking it was eating a fish and it found a foot instead," he said.

The bite resulted in more than just pain and 60 stitches. It also delayed Rogers' dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

Rogers was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds and was supposed to pitch for the scouts the day after being bitten.

"It's not going to stop me from doing anything I would have done before the shark bit me," he said. "It just postponed things."

Davis said he's only heard of seven shark bites in his 28 years with the beach patrol.

"The truth of the matter is getting bit by a shark is less likely than getting struck by lightning," he said.

Despite his injuries, Rogers said he's ready to get back in the water.

"If I get bit again, though, I'll probably stay out for sure," he said. "I'm not testing my luck that much."