More people quitting their jobs

CHICAGO, IL (FOX19) - A new report shows more people are giving their two weeks notice and quitting their jobs.

According to the Department of Labor, more people voluntarily quit their jobs over the past few months than were laid off. Some companies are reportedly bringing back perks and increasing salaries.

Andy Nathan worked for a mortgage company till about six months ago when he decided he'd rather open his own business.

"I give bite size social networking services to small businesses," said Nathan.

Nathan and many other Americans were waiting for the economy to strengthen.  Some economists have even called the recent recession the worst since the great depression.

"In 2008 it kind of seemed like the sky was falling a little bit," said Nathan. "Many people felt lucky just to have a job."

Now there are signs of the economy getting better.  In the first five months of 2010 company payrolls grew by nearly 500,000 workers.

Still, the national unemployment rate is hovering around 10 percent. Nathan added regardless of how bleak the economy may still look he has no regrets in starting his own business.

"Sort of the benefit of what I do (is).. the freedom, I love the freedom," said Nathan.

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