Flash flooding mess in Covington

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - So much rain and so little time are the makings for a big flash flooding mess in some parts of the tri-state, including one part of Covington.

A great deal of damage was done to the inside of homes, especially basements. Home owners also found debris and mud everywhere.

"It's like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed," said Sonya New. "My house and my car underwater."

Her car almost floated away in a parking lot Tuesday afternoon.

"It's just a shock to see your whole house," said New. "All your belongings floating and I mean you can't do anything about it."

Right up the street, her house was almost unreachable. Water had flooded her basement up to the first floor. Everything in the basement, like in her neighbor's basements, is gone.

"I'm guessing I lost my furnace," said her father, Alan New. "My hot water heater, everything."

Storm drains could not handle the more than 5 inches of rain that steadily fell throughout the afternoon. Kids were told to stay out of the filthy run-off, which police said was laced with raw sewage and debris

"It was a raging torrent," Sheree Flesch said. "There has been, that creek is 10 feet deep up there, it has filled this street, it filled this street, all of our basements are flooded."

At least one man said this is the worst flooding he has seen in Convington in 25 years. Many were unprepared financially.

"A lot of these people probably don't have flood insurance, because you never have this type of rain before," said resident Anthony Lightfoot.

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