Bellevue residents dealing with landslides

By Dan Wells – bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Heavy rain in Northern Kentucky has caused a lot more than just flooded basements. In Bellevue, people are dealing with landslides.

On Tuesday, tons of trees and mud poured into backyards on Taylor Avenue, leaving residents with a big clean-up and headache.

For weeks, neighbors worried the dirt underneath their backyard hill is too loose to hold it up and with this week's rain they found out they were right.

"We had about five or six inches of sand and mud come off that hill," said Rudy Rodriguez.

Falling trees, brush and rock pushed through Rodriguez's back yard in a matter of moments.

"This is the third time within three months...that we've had this," he said.

Neighbors down the road from Rodriguez also worry with future slides seemingly eminent, the destruction of homes maybe next.

"The hill is going and the first time it started the trees were lying on my neighbor's house right to my back door," said Rodriguez.

Those affected took their concerns to Bellevue City Council Wednesday night only to find out they're on their own.

"We can't spend money back there to clean-up because it would essentially be an improper use of public funds we are not allowed to do anything on private property," said Keith Spoelker, City Administrator.

Bellevue City leaders say although they can't financially help this neighborhood, they are asking several state and federal land and conservation agencies to step-in.

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