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Fanboy in the Basement: The Losers

Fanboy in the Basement: The Losers

War is heck! Especially if you're a band a soldiers presumed KIA and out for revenge against a mysterious man named Max. The Losers by Andy Diggle and art by Jock was a series published by DC Comics' Vertigo line.

The Losers are a Special Forces team that worked with the CIA. Betrayed by their mysterious handler named Max, the Losers were set up and then killed. But reports of their death are greatly exaggerated.  (Mark Twain said that in case you didn't know) Max, who is the main nemesis, has his hands deep in the U.S. government and the intelligence community. Now the Losers are out for revenge against Max and the CIA by exposing their secret operations in order to get their names off a secret CIA death list and get their lives back. The team is made up of their commander, Lt. Col. Franklin Clay, Cpl. Jake Jensen (Information Systems, Hacker) Sgt. Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez (sniper), Sgt. Linwood 'Pooch' Porteous (Transportation), Cpt. William Roque (Second in Command) and CIA agent Aisha al-Fadhil,  who helps them gather information and supplies to bring down Max. The two other supporting characters are Robert Sanderson, Deputy Director of Operations, CIA and Marvin Stegler, a veteran CIA agent who also helps the Losers.

The graphic novel is volume 1 and 2 which collects issue #1 thru 32. In 2004 it was nominated for an Eisner Award for "Best New Series."  The Losers is loosely based on a DC 70's comic book by Robert Kanigher.

Diggle story telling is top notch. He keeps you in tune to the characters and their human reaction to their situations. As a group they flow together, and you can tell that they're a team and have seen many conflicts. Aisha adds that element of the loose cannon with a personal agenda. She the kind of character that shoots first and then shoots the guy that asks the question.

The movie starred Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Clay, (He also starred in the Watchmen as the Comedian), Chris Evans as Jenkins. (He's already up to his comic book character limit: Johnny Storm, Fantastic Four, Lucas Lee, one of the evil ex's in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Captain America and the voice of Casey in TMNT) and Zoe Saldana as Aisha. (She played Uhura in Star Trek and the voice of Neytiri in Avatar). The film stays pretty faithful to the book, but some scenes are changed; such as the stealing of the armored car. In the comic the armored car is filled with money and cocaine. Events that happen further in the book are introduced sooner for time constraints. By the end of this volume, you never see Max's face, just his eyes. The story is also very graphic with language and violence. One scene that's stuck in my head is Clay ask a soldier has he ever smelled his brains. He says no and the gets shot in the head and his brains splatters.

This was a very good book and I really loved the characters and Jock's art was a slice of different. So if you want to get your movie based on a graphic novel fix, be a Loser.

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