Glendridge residents want traffic light

 By Sara Celi – bio | email

COLD SPRING, KY (FOX19)--There are flashing lights here at the intersection of Glenridge Drive and the Double A, but folks who live here say it's not enough. A number of them would like a traffic light installed on the highway. There's an email and letter campaign going on by Glenridge subdivision residents to get one.

"When you are coming from 27, often times its difficult to get up into Glenridge because you have to turn left and you are going against the traffic that is coming up,"says resident Susan Kindell.

The "double A" is one of the more deadly state roads in Kentucky. Traffic research has been done about the intersection of Glendridge drive and the highway before. A 2007 study by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet showed that on average 22 thousand vehicles drive through the area in a 12 hour period. That traffic count was done after the state installed a flashing light at the glen ridge driver intersection. KTC Spokesman Nancy Wood says the at the time, the state didn't see a need for a full fledged traffic light.

"They have a whole list of ways and how they determine things. And so at that time, they were going by the engineering designs and measures and at that time they felt like it wasn't warranted," says Wood.

But three years later, residents say they need one. Cold Spring City Manager Michael Vank has heard their cries.

"I personally think it would be a good idea. There are a number of people that have to exit and enter these two developments. And there is a lot of traffic, and a lot of speed," says Vank.

It's a wish some residents plan on taking to the Cold Spring city council meeting later this month. They'll be asking the city of Cold Spring to request another traffic study be done on the "Double A".