MC Hammer wows fans at GABP

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It was a big weekend to be at The Great American Ball Park, as the city celebrates the 1990 World Series Champion Reds and the start of the second half of the 2010 season in first place.

Part of that celebration included a double performance by Grammy-winning artist and rapper, MC Hammer.

Hammer did not disappoint the hundreds of fans who pushed their way to the stage and no matter what their age was, the fans could not get enough. They danced right along with Hammer's back-up entourage.

In his early show, Hammer gave a shout-out to Cincinnati but did not sing his signature song, "You Can't Touch This," which became the unofficial mantra of the world series team a decade ago.

And the Hammer still proved that after all these years, he's still got it and fans showed they can still bust a few moves too.

"Go Hammer go," yelled two fans as they imitated the star's dance moved. "Go Hammer go."

"It was my husband's first concert when he was 12 so he's very nostalgic about MC Hammer," said Amy Metzger.

"MC Hammer was my first concert it was august of 1991," said her husband with a big smile on his face. "He played right next door."

Aaron Metzger started to spin around and give our cameras his best hammer moves, but lost his glasses to the pavement in the process.

"You bust a few moves and you bust your glasses," he laughed.

There were all sorts of Hammer wanna-bees trying to imitate the rapper.

"I think it was the running man," said Mark Booher. "Do you know how to do that or what it even looks like?," we asked. "I don't, I wouldn't even be able to attempt it," he joked. But his wife Nicole had no problem sweeping her feet side to side with Hammer's "genie" move.

There seemed to be a trend at GABP. Everyone seemed to know a little bit of his dance moved, but no one does it better than the man himself, MC Hammer.

"If I had the pants on maybe I could bust out some moves but without the Hammer pants it's kinda no good," said Lori Vail.

There was plenty of Hammer's 90's signature gold lame genie pants to go around on the field. Things have changed a little bit since his concerts in the early 90's. Now, the popular phrase, "hands in the air", includes cell phones with video cameras.

Long time fans Yolanda and Renea.saw him in concert. "1980-something, 90-something, oh good, just as good as he was back then, hasn't lost a beat," they chimed-in together.

Each woman got two roses apiece from the star.

"Everybody was dancing and giving it all," they said.

Hammer disappeared into a sea of bouncing fans, rapping 'It's all good!"

The artist has bounced-back from some incredible financial misfortunes.

"I sense a resurgence," Metzger said.

"And we just gettin' it started," Hammer said, echoing his sentiments on-stage.

The beat goes on.

There were also plenty of fireworks after the game and MC Hammer, once again took the stage, this time down on the field, and wowed his Queen city fans all over again.

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