Guilty plea for man who exposed self at children's lemonade stand

Larry Cottrell (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Larry Cottrell (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

MONTGOMERY, OH (FOX19) - A Brown County man pled guilty Monday to exposing himself at a lemonade stand run by children.

Witnesses tell police Larry Cottrell bought a cup of lemonade from the stand on Southwind Drive in Montgomery, then went back to his car and started pleasuring himself.

"As I was approaching the vehicle from the back of the car, I looked in, and his pants were pulled down, and he was masturbating as he was drinking lemonade," said Heather Ingle, the mother of the children. "I had, you know, all of zero seconds to process what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. And my first response was anger. I was furious."

Ingle's 9-year-old and 7-year-old children were running the stand.

"It was pretty devastating for my kids to have to see something like that at a very innocent little lemonade stand where they were trying to witness to the neighbors, to the people stopping by," said Ingle. "And they were going to give the money to church."

Witnesses reported Cottrell and gave a description of his car to police. Officers found him at Bethesda North Hospital, where he's thought to have been visiting a sick friend or relative.

Cottrell pled guilty to public indecency and is being held on a pre-sentence bond of $50,000. He will be sentenced Tuesday, July 27.

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