Tri-state ranks among most ticketed areas in Ohio

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A new report suggests two of the most likely spots to find speeders in all of Ohio are right here in the Tri-state.

The first area is in Clinton County, on I-71 just north of Wilmington at mile marker 48. The second area is I-75 in West Chester, specifically an area north of the Cincinnati-Dayton and Tylersville roads.

Some large ticket numbers were tracked over a 2-year period. Close to 5,600 tickets were handed out at the spot near Wilmington.

Just below Middletown and at milepost 20 in West Chester, tickets are being written as fast as drivers can speed past the waiting Troopers.

"Our main goal really is to slow traffic down because speed is a major contributor to fatal crashes," said Trooper Chris Williams.

The Ohio Highway Patrol has handed out just under 4,000 tickets from 2007 to 2009.

"We just try to make sure that we position ourselves obviously in a safe spot, in a visible spot," Williams said. "We don't want to act like we're trying to hide or anything like that."

To be seen, Williams said, is to be safe for both drivers and troopers.

Summer construction and heavy congestion means troopers are going to be busy all season long, playing that game of point, click and ticket."

Williams is "armed" with a laser speed detector, a very cool toy.

"It shoots time over distance so it's got pulses of light that go out and then they come back and we see that light and within a third of a second we get a speed reading that's plus or minus one mile an hour," Williams said.

Time after time, our camera and his laser clocked folks way over the posted 55 miles per hour limit.

"Unfortunately citations are a part of that," Williams said.

A trucker who did not want to be identified said he passes through from Michigan daily and has been given a ticket once.

Fines are doubled in construction zones and the speeding is not just on the interstate.

"They fly in and out there here even," said Alvin LeVeque, who works at a rest stop along I-75.

"They're crazy," he said about drivers who can't even slow down coming through his rest area. "They'll run you off the road if you don't know what you're doing."

Lois and Mac McCool were passing through from Augusta, Georgia.

"When we were coming-up there were just policemen everywhere," Lois McCool said.

"People warn you to stick with the speed limit, better do it," said Mac McCool, who said their strategy is to set their car's cruise control to the legal limit and stay in the far right lane until they get past congestion.

Trooper Williams said it will also do you no good slamming the brakes.

"Once you see us," he said. "We've already got a speed reading typically, so then that just lets us know that you've hammered the brakes, we see the nose drop and we still get a tracking history from there."

So, slow down in the construction zones. Troopers stress, speed is the main cause of fatal crashes, along with other distractions like texting and also drunk driving.

The ticket numbers may sound huge, but Troopers say they are saving lives.

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