Cincinnati cops accused of lying about incident

By Stefano DiPietrantonio – bio |email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - New details have been uncovered about several Cincinnati Police Officers who are accused of lying about an incident involving excessive force.

Dewayne White, 16, said he got roughed-up pretty badly by a Cincinnati Police Officer. White was driving without a valid Ohio driver's license and tried to run-away on foot after getting stopped to avoid getting a ticket.

What happened next was all caught on police dash cam video and a lengthy police internal investigation report followed. The officers are accused of lying to cover-up what happened on a traffic stop the night of November 18t 2009, on Dixmont Avenue.

The on-duty officer Officer, Michael Schneider, is seen running toward White with his taser out during the dash-cam video. Schneider maintained that although he was standing approximately 2 to 5 feet away from White's head with his taser pointed, he did not observe any officer strike White during his arrest.

White is seen on the ground and surrendering. Officer William Kinney, who is not in uniform and wearing white sleeves, is accused of striking White in the back of his neck several times while he held White down using a knee to his back.

In the report, White stated that when he tried to lift his head up off the ground, Officer Kinney used both hands to push his head back down into the grass.

When White complained, "You're breaking my arm," he said an unidentified officer barked back, "Shut up, (expletive)."

After reviewing the video, the internal police report stated the force used by Officer Kinney was not consistent with White's level of resistance and therefore was excessive. The report also states Officer Kinney was the only police officer to strike White.

But the report states that all of the officers that night denied there was any use of excessive force.

Each officer will have a chance to state their case at a departmental hearing before any type of disciplinary action is handed-down.

Calls to Cincinnati Police Department spokesperson Danita Kilgore and Police Chief Tom Streicher have not yet been returned.

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