New Witness: Widmer admitted to wife's murder

Ryan Widmer
Ryan Widmer

LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - Warren County Prosecutors have filed their response to a motion to acquit filed by Ryan Widmer's attorneys and say a new witness has come forward.

Widmer has been tried twice for the murder of his wife, Sarah, in the bathtub of the couple's Hamilton Township home. He was convicted in the first trial, but was granted a new trial because of juror misconduct. His second trial ended with a hung jury.

Prosecutors filed paperwork Wednesday to fight the defense team's motion to acquit.

According to prosecutors, "This witness will testify to inculpatory statements made by Widmer, admitting he killed his wife Sarah."

Prosecutors also say that Widmer admitted to this witness his efforts to manufacture a cover story to his wife's murder, including the 911 call.

Prosecutors say they presented sufficient evidence to maintain a murder conviction. They also stated in the response that, "copies or general records shouldn't be considered by the court since they were not introduced at trial," referring to statements made by defense attorneys in their motion to acquit that Sarah Widmer indicated on a dental record that she had been diagnosed with a heart murmur as a child.

Prosecutors called the motion to acquit, "An attempt by the defendant's lawyers to pander the media, obtain headlines and taint any future Warren County Jury."

FOX19 legal analyst Mike Allen has been following both trials closely and believes Judge Bronson will not be able to ignore the new witness.

"I think with this witness coming forward, the jury count being what it was for conviction, there's no way Judge Bronson can grant that motion and we are going to have a third trial," says Allen.

Judge Bronson will now hold a hearing on August 3, where both sides will argue their case. Judge Bronson will then decide to acquit, or Widmer can be tried for a third time.

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