Man shoots his wife with gun loaded with toilet paper, deputies say

Lonnie Pinnix (Source: WFMY)
Lonnie Pinnix (Source: WFMY)

REIDSVILLE, NC (WBTV/WFMY) - A man has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon after sheriff's officials say he shot his wife earlier this week.

The Reidsville man, however, tells police that he loaded his pistol with toilet paper – instead of a bullet, according to WFMY-TV.

The incident happened Monday at 1:30 am when deputies were called to the scene of a shooting in Reidsville County on Garrison Road.

Authorities found a woman, Darlene Pinnix, on her bed suffering from severe pain, the TV station reported.

Pinnix told authorities that when she arrived home earlier her husband seemed agitated. As she laid down on the bed in their bedroom, she told authorities that her husband held a gun to her head and demanded she get up.

She told authorities that he then shot her in the back.

The husband, Lonnie Pinnix, told authorities that he loaded the pistol with toilet paper instead of a bullet – and shot his wife when she would not leave, WFMY reported.

It's unclear how the toilet paper was propelled from the firearm if there was no bullet. WXII-TV in Winston-Salem reported that the gun used in the shooting was a "black powder pistol."

Authorities charged Lonnie Irvin Pinnix, 38, of Reidsville with assault with a deadly weapon and set his bond at $1,000.

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