Police Chief discusses officers accused of lying

Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher
Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Both police and the family of a man who was beaten by officers are speaking out about the case.

Dash cam video was released this week of officers hitting DeWayne Wise, 16.

"They're dirty cops. They're supposed to protect and serve, I can't believe they did that to my baby only 16 years old," said Katherine Taper, Wise's mother.

Taper said her son told her last November that he was stopped by police when he was driving his car without a license, but it's what he told her what happened when he got out of the car that she didn't believe.

"I didn't believe him that they hit him like that, but the truth did come out," she said.

Police dash cam video shows officers hitting White in the head repeatedly, holding his feet and one officer with a knee to his back. The five officers said they thought White had a gun and threw it under the car. The problem came when they said little else happened.

"In 1971, I started 'If You Lie, You Die," said Police Chief Tom Streicher. "It was instilled then and is still in place now."

Streicher says lying destroys credibility which destroys the ability to testify in criminal cases. And with the history of distrust of police by community especially African Americans, "Part of the accusations of excessive force and denial and cover up," said Streicher.

The five officers involved are still patrolling. They face a pre-disciplinary hearing in the coming weeks.

Fraternal Order of Police President Kathy Harrell says she is eager to represent the officers' side of the story at that hearing and will not be trying this case in the media.

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