3 CPD officers are able to be reinstated after court ruling

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Three Cincinnati Police Officers went to court Monday to get their guns back after a court ruling said they had to forfeit their weapons.

The Ohio First District Court of Appeals made a decision in State of Ohio v. Antonio Robinson that anyone who carries a weapon - including police officers - cannot do so if they have a minor or misdemeanor marijuana conviction on their record.

Because the Ohio Supreme Court will not hear an appeal, the Cincinnati Police Department began running background checks on all officers.

On Monday afternoon, three Cincinnati Police Officers were relieved of their police duties and surrendered their weapons.

Later Monday, the three police officers, under representation from attorney Jay Clark, got their weapons under disability charge relieved. This was at thanks to Common Pleas judge Robert Ruehlman.

It's now up to the city's law office to determine when they can come back to work. Chief Tom Streicher believes that as long as a judge and the legal department say it's ok, they will welcome the officers back to work.

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