Terrell Owens And The Bengals A Good Fit? My Thoughts

By Ron Millennor, Executive Sports Producer email

Cincinnati  (FOX19) - Terrell Owens is one of the most polarizing, divisive players to ever wear an NFL uniform...or is he? If you ask Bengals owner Mike Brown or head coach Marvin Lewis they will tell you that the T.O. they met with back in March was quiet, thoughtful and intelligent. Basically a good guy. So it appears that the Bengals are about to sign a human lightening rod for controversy, and I like it...a lot.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking..."you media guys just want him around because he's solid gold in front of a camera. A walking, talking quote machine". Guilty as charged. Professionally I relish the opportunity to have another colorful personality in the locker room. But I'm also a fan of the team. And as a fan, I know what this guy can do for a quarterback. And so does Carson Palmer. And that's why the Bengals QB is stumping for another target, albeit, a loud one.

Fact: Owens tossed a pair of his quarterbacks under the bus (see Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb). Fact: Owens pulled a punk move by celebrating on the Dallas star after scoring a touchdown as a member of the San Francisco Forty Niners. Fact: Owens once wept like a newborn defending his quarterback, Tony Romo, from critics. Fact: He's a damn good receiver, who has produced for every team he's played for. And that's why I want him.

The Buffalo Bills found the secret to success in dealing with Owens, a one year contract. Sign T.O. to a long-term deal and you're playing with fire. Sign him to a one year deal and you've got a player with fire in his belly. Besides, Brown and Lewis know exactly how to deal with reality sideshows...they've been doing it for years with Chad Ochocinco.

Plus, this Bengals locker room isn't susceptible to infections like previous ones. Guys like Palmer, Andrew Whitworth, Dhani Jones and Chris Crocker make sure of that.

So I say forget the B.S. and sign T.O. He's a perfect fit for an imperfect franchise.

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