Kings Island helping to raise money for breast cancer research

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Kings Islands says it's now raised more than 20-thousand dollars to help fight breast cancer.

And a big chunk of it is thanks to Steve Moore who runs the Penn Station Express on Red Bank Road.  Steve purchased 500-dollars worth of pink ducks and he's challenging other Penn Stations to match his donation.

Snoopy stopped by to give Moore a certificate for the ducks.

Moore's sister is battling breast cancer for the second time.

Steve says, "Just trying to give back to the cause we've had a lot of cancer prevalent in our family especially breast cancer.  We're just fighting the fight and hopefully we can beat it."

The money Kings Island raises will go to the local Susan G Komen Foundation.

You can purchase a duck for five bucks through August 21-st.

That's when a duck will be chosen out of the fountain at the park. The winner receives a 2010 Toyota Yaris from Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati.