What officer's investigation means to Widmer case

Lt. Jeff Braley
Lt. Jeff Braley

By Regina Russo - email

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Tuesday morning, a committee appointed by the Hamilton Township Trustees gathered to start investigating whether a job application and resume letter in Lt. Jeff Braley's personnel file contained false information.

Lt. Jeff Braley was the lead investigator in the Ryan Widmer murder case. Widmer is accused of killing his wife, Sarah, in the bathtub of the couple's Hamilton Township home. He was convicted in the first trial, but was granted a new trial for juror misconduct. His second trial ended in a hung jury.

The committee will decide if the information is false, and if it is, whether it should stay in his file or not.

"Are they reliable credible do they serve a purpose to be included in the file," said Warren Ritchie, Hamilton Township Law Director.

Lt. Braley strongly denied making the misrepresentations. If the committee finds that he did, they can only recommend whether the paper work stays in his file. The Police Chief will determine what happens to him later.

But if a judge decides that Ryan Widmer gets a new trial, what then, what will happen? Will Lt.  Braley be allowed to testify again, or no?  FOX19's legal analyst Mike Allen says for the prosecution, this could be bad if Braley did misrepresent himself.

"It would be another quiver in the arrow for the defense," said Allen.

Judge Bronson decides whether Widmer will get a third trial on August 3rd.

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