Kenton County woman pinned by car against house

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Kenton County woman is fighting for her life at UC Hospital after police say her husband ran over her with his car late Monday night.

His name is Ralph Lee Daniel. He and his wife, Alison Gross Daniel, are newlyweds, married only a couple of months. What happened Monday night in their driveway has Alison's family still in shock.

"They were arguing in front of my mom's car over in the driveway," said Vedra Gaylor. She saw her brother-in-law, Ralph Lee Daniel, storm away from a fight he and her sister Alison were having in the driveway next door.

"Then he came back a short time later to try to resolve things," said Captain Darrin Gilvin with the Kenton County Police Department. "The argument continued."

And things got ugly, fast.

"She (Alison) took off running," Gaylor said. "He (Ralph) floored it, went after her, hit my mom's car over here, turned it sideways. He ended-up driving through the yard and struck her and pinned her actually up against the house."

"She was pinned-up against the wall and I couldn't get around and he was still revving the engine with his foot so I couldn't get to her," Gaylor said crying. "Her head wasn't even on the ground."

"She was literally hanging upside down there asking me for help and then I couldn't get to her," she said. "He got out of the car, he looked at her, got back in the car, didn't even have no remorse, didn't even look like he had a care."

You could clearly see the path the car took through the yard. There were tire tracks still fresh through the lawn and police had marked the tracks with bright orange dots.

"And that's when he got back in and he floored it backward and that's when he pulled her under the car," Gaylor said. "As he was backing up, she came underneath the car, she had tire marks on her face, he ran over her face and ran over her stomach."

Gaylor said Daniel would have driven away, but got the car stuck on a piece of concrete.

Responding officers saw Daniel fleeing on-foot.

"When the officers stopped to talk with him," Captain Gilvin said. "He stated that he'd just run over his girlfriend and thought she was hurt pretty bad."

Officers took Daniel back to the scene.

"Where they found the lady laying in the front yard," Gilvin said.

"This is where her head was lying," Gaylor said pointing to the ground near the house's foundation. "She was just like laying right here."

"Help me, I can't breathe," her sister said she gasped once she came to. "Help me! At first she wasn't there, and then she opened up her eyes, her eyes were bloodshot, and she says I can't breathe, help me."

"This is where she was pinned up here," Gaylor said. "Her head was probably down about right here," she motioned to a spot on the foundation about 3 feet off the ground.

Ralph Lee Daniel is charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment

"The wanton endangerment charge stems from his stepdaughter was also in the front yard and he narrowly missed her," Captain Gilvin said.

Police have not been able to speak with Alison yet.

"Doctors, nurses say it may be 2 to 3 days before we can talk to her as long as she keeps improving," Captain Gilvin said.

Alison's sister Vedra Gaylor said doctors are keeping Alison heavily sedated so she does not try to get up or move around.

Alison has a punctured lung. She is on a ventilator, has broken ribs, a broken collar bone and lacerations to her liver.

Right now, she is in critical but stable condition at UC Hospital.

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