Kickboxing practice leads to gas leak

Middletown, OH - MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - A man caused a gas leak Tuesday night when he missed his punching bag while practicing kick boxing.

The man who has not been identified was using a floor-mounted portable punching bag in the basement of his home on Jackson Lane. He made a not-so-lucky hit, and the punching bag bounced off the gas meter to his house, and it started to leak.

The level of natural gas was so high that the Middletown Fire Department evacuated the neighbors for a block around his home.

Firefighters took extra precaution by having Duke Energy shut off the gas supply line before going back into the home to asses the problem. Once the gas was turned off residents were then allowed to go back into their homes.

Duke Energy installed a new gas meter, and the homeowner was expected to be able to sleep in his own home as soon as they were done.

In the last several weeks, Middletown has experienced gas leaks from two utility lines accidentally routed so as overlap, and from a man charged with setting up candles all over his house and deliberately filling the home with gas. Firefighters say this may be the strangest of the three.

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