Mason woman talks with FOX19 about AZ death mix-up

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local woman tied to a bizarre case of mistaken identity in Arizona talks exclusively with FOX19.

Her name is Susan McKinley and she is from Mason, OH. She will be a senior at the University of Evansville, IN and is Captain of the women's soccer team there.

An Arizona hospital is trying to explain a case of mistaken identity, which led one of her teammate's families thinking it was their daughter who was alive.

Her father, who was hoping for his daughter's safe recovery, is now planning her funeral all because of the mix-up.

Last week Abby Guerra and Marlena Cantu were in an SUV with five other people, when the rear tire blew causing an accident. All but two people in the car died.

At first doctor's at the hospital thought Guerra, who looks almost identical to Cantu had died. They informed the family but later found out they were wrong.

Hospital personnel say their severe injuries were a factor in getting the two identities confused.

McKinley just got back from visiting the families in Arizona and said it's been an emotional roller coaster.

"Number one we showed-up and I think, any time you show up to help someone that you really care about, ya' know, that's a big deal and that people are really appreciative and respectful that you take the time to do something like that," McKinley said. "We just said we're here, we love Abby, we're here to support you, we're here to support her, whatever you need, you know, it's us, we're here."

And it wasn't just McKinley in Arizona. With the University's and the NCAA's help, the entire team was able to fly out to show their support.

McKinley said they visited with Abby in the hospital on Sunday and again on Monday, before flying back to Evansville.

A similar case happened in Indiana back in 2006. That accident led to a new law requiring coroners to use one of four methods to identify a dead person: Fingerprints, DNA analysis, dental records or positive identification by an immediate family member.

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