Brian Giesenschlag's Bengals Training Camp Diary

By Brian Giesenschlag email | bio

The big news today is the arrival of Terrel Owens to the Bengals' training camp.  But that is not the only story coming out of Georgetown.

Antonio Bryant's Knee – Don't want to be an alarmist but the ink is barely dry on that $28 million contract.  He's admittedly not 100% and the fact he had surgery on said knee a year ago makes it much more likely this is a chronic problem and not something he'll get over quickly.  Talked to one "football guy" at practice this morning who said after watching Bryant run, "well, I can see why they signed T.O."  Hmmmmm.

Cedric Benson's Meeting With the Commish – Benson said today he had a good meeting with Roger Goodell but stopped short of saying he doesn't expect to be suspended.  Even if he does miss time I doubt it would be more than a game.  Benson has  done a great job keeping  his nose clean since he got here but what would you do?  Stay home during the off season while your agent works on a big $$$ contract with the  Bengals or put yourself in a bar with a bunch of drunk college kids and allow yourself to be "sucker-punched?"  Be smart Ced.

Andre Smith – this one should really be higher on the list.  Can't practice now and could be at least 2 or 3 weeks away from taking the field.  C'mon.  Marvin told us Monday that Smith had issues related to his surgically repaired foot AND HIS WEIGHT.  Translation – his foot still hurts because that's what being just south of four bills does to your joints.  Too early to call Smith a bust?  Probably.  But it's trending in that direction.

Adam (not Pac Man) Jones – This has  the potential to be a nice story.  The Bengals have downplayed how much of an impact  he might have but I think he'll find his way onto the field fairly soon.  He's motivated, he's still incredibly gifted physically and on this team he can definitely fly under the radar.  Plus, selection of strip clubs in greater Cincinnati greatly reduces the chance of him "making it rain" again anytime soon.