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Hispanic community concerned about being targeted

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Recent crimes against the Hispanic community in Butler County are raising concern with the League of United Latin American Citizens.

The organization says since local politicians like Butler County Sheriff Robert Jones have been outspoken about immigration laws and deporting illegals, criminals are targeting those who can't go to police to report the crimes.

Sheriff Jones says its simple - if you don't break the law, you're not going to jail. They aren't targeting specific groups, just criminals.

Two weeks ago, Samuel Biaz Rosa was beaten to death at his home in Hamilton.

LULAC says Hispanic residents aren't complaining, they are being targeted.

"People are banging on their doors and saying give us money, let us in, we know you're in there, we're going to report you to ICE," said Jason Rivero, State Director of LULAC.

But rarely do the victims come forward.

"I can't help that they're here illegally and they fear they'll be deported," said Sheriff Jones. "They need to come here legally, but in no way do we encourage people to assault anybody. We arrest those same people - the people that committed this crime are in my jail..hell I wish I could deport them."

LULAC members say they dispute Jones' claims that immigrants are criminals, one saying that, "Immigrant populations have lower crime rates than do native populations."

"If you commit a crime in Butler County, you're going to jail, I don't care who you are. I've always said in the past that if I could deport some Americans I would," says Sheriff Jones.

Jones' passion for immigration laws is no secret.

He recently took another trip to Arizona, but says locally things could be better if opposing sides work together to make butler county safer.

"We are looking for someone who raped a nine year old little girl in this community and he is from Mexico," said Jones. "You know I'm hoping maybe LULAC can help us find him. Maybe they can come forward and help us find him with their cooperation. We sure would appreciate it."

As Butler County's highest ranking law enforcement official, Sheriff Jones says he'll continue to uphold the law no matter who the offenders are.

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