Husband charged in Hebron woman's death

Daryl Attwood (Source: Boone County Sheriff's Office)
Daryl Attwood (Source: Boone County Sheriff's Office)
Linda Attwood (Source: Boone County Sheriff's Office)
Linda Attwood (Source: Boone County Sheriff's Office)

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HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - A Hebron, KY man was arrested Friday evening and charged with the murder of his wife.

The police tape is still wrapped around the home of Darryl and Linda Attwood's house. And a Boone County Sheriff's cruiser is standing-by, making sure no one tampers with what is still a very active crime scene.

They were husband and wife and by most accounts we heard, were happily married.

But some time Friday morning, something happened inside their home, that would leave Linda Attwood dead and police arresting her husband Daryl and charging him with murder.

Police found the body of 48-year-old Linda Atwood in the front room of their home in the 32-hundred block of Limaburg Road.

Neighbors are scratching their heads. They can't figure out what might have happened. They said the Atwoods are a nice couple and moved to Hebron 6 to 8 months ago, from the Boston-area.

"And he started working over here off the Airport Road and like, real nice people," said John Collier, who had met the Attwoods around town and struck up a friendship.

He tried to reach his buddy by cell all day with no luck. Collier said it just doesn't add up.

"Absolutely weird," he said. "Really nice people, I mean, we've been here for a cookout on Memorial Day and a really nice couple, really nice couple."

The Commonwealth Attorney and the investigators believe that there's enough evidence to establish probable cause to charge him with the murder," said Attorney Bradley Fox, who is representing Daryl Attwood. He came to the Attwood's home to check out the murder scene for himself.

"We maintain that Mr. Attwood is innocent," Fox said.

Other than her husband's arrest, investigators are not saying much more about who or what killed Linda Atwood.

Fox spent much of his afternoon interviewing Daryl Atwood.

"How did she die?" "At this point the autopsy is not back," Fox said. "We do not know, that's all under investigation at this point. Innocent til proven guilty, you have a right to that, that's the way our system works, and in speaking with Mr. Atwood, he maintains his innocence and that's what our position is as well."

At last check of the Boone County Sheriff's website, no bond has been set yet for Attwood. He is being held in the Boone County Jail. Stick with FOX19 for the very latest on this murder investigation.

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