Benson avoids suspension

Cedric Benson (Source: Austin Police Department)
Cedric Benson (Source: Austin Police Department)

GEORGETOWN, KY (FOX19) - Bengals running back Cedric Benson will not be suspended by the NFL.

Benson met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell after he was arrested for misdemeanor assault in Texas for punching a bartender.

Benson said Thursday that he had not heard from the commissioner about a suspension, but said the two had a good meeting.

ESPN quoted two league sources in saying that Benson would not be suspended.

On Benson thanked team owner Mike Brown, saying "He's got my back. When I got arrested, I was nervous. I thought I was going to get the same kind of reaction from this team that I got in Chicago.  I was just amazed at how different it was. They took the time to look into the facts."

This afternoon NFL spokesman Greg Aiello released this statement announcing no disciplinary action:

     Cedric Benson met last week (July 22) with Commissioner Goodell and members of his staff at the league office in New York to review a recent incident in Austin, Texas. Benson was reminded of his responsibility to take precautions to avoid putting himself at risk when he is in public. He also was informed that based on our current understanding of the facts, no disciplinary action is planned.  "Cedric expressed to us his understanding that NFL players have a special responsibility to meet high standards of conduct," Commissioner Goodell said. "Like most public figures, Cedric and other NFL players occasionally may find themselves facing risks that other individuals do not.  They must exercise good judgment and restraint when confronted with those risks.  Cedric said he recognizes this and has committed to working hard to make better decisions and avoid any further incidents.  We support him and expect him to be successful in meeting this commitment."

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