Neighborhood flyer rejects mosque

By Rontina McCann – bio | email

FLORENCE, Ky. (FOX 19) A flyer left on doors and mailboxes in a Florence neighborhood is stirring up more attention around a mosque being built nearby.

Saturday residents of Cayton Rd. and side streets found the flyer left by an unknown group or person.

It sites a recent newspaper article outlining plans to build the Islamic Center of Northern Kentucky off Clayton Rd. near Mall Rd. On the flyer, surrounding that article, are messages asking residents to contact Florence City Council to stop the mosque from being built.

Neighbors we spoke with had mixed feelings about the mosque, but everyone had the same concern, who is circulating the flyer and why didn't that person/group want to be identified.

The mosque would be built near the shopping complexes and the plans outlined show it as three stories tall with a dome on the top of the structure.

According to the Islamic Center of Northern Kentucky's web site, the group is still trying to raise funds to build the place of worship, but do have all of the plans approved by Florence to move forward.

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