Safetytown has helped kids for almost 50 years

By Sara Celi – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19)---For 49 years, Safetytown at the Tri-County Mall has been teaching kids lessons in personal and public safety. The classes just wrapped up for this summer.

On the day FOX19 visited, the kids in the Safetytown program got a lesson in bike safety. The Springdale Police Department was the presenting agency for the class. The kids gathered around "Mike the Bike", a special "talking" bike that teaches kids the rules of the road.

The Springdale police department, fire department, school system, and the Tri-County Mall all partner together to present the Safetytown program each summer in the parking lot of Macy's at the Tri-County Mall.

Parents say it is a very important program for their kids.

"It keeps him safe because he learns how to cross a street correctly, what the traffic lights mean, what the crosswalk signals mean, bike safety, bus safety, all those things are very important," says parent Kellie Long about what her son has learned in the program.

Since it started, Safetytown has taught more than 15,000 kids the basics of personal and public safety. It's a program so well known and widely used that many children in this year's program are second and third generation attendees.

"I actually did it when I was little, and it really was helpful. I remember having a lot of fun, but I remember it was the first part of me learning all about safety and strangers, and traffic lights and stop signs," says Tina Goyette, who has kids in the program.

Next summer, Safetytown will celebrate a half century of keeping kids in Springdale safe.