Victim speaks out about dropped felony charges for woman who posed as boy

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LEBANON, OH (FOX19) - A 31-year old woman who posed as a young boy to date girls will not face felony charges.  Patricia Dye still faces other misdemeanor charges.

"If she gets let free, she's going to get other girls and she's going to get them in her sick mind game again," said Kaleigh, 16, of Springboro.

The teenager says she started dating who she thought was a boy named Matt Abrams in April, until investigators informed her it was really a 31-year-old woman, Patricia Dye.
"There are some things that she had done that led to see that she was not a guy, but I didn't recognize them at the time because I was blinded," said Kaleigh.
Kaleigh and her mother, who wish to go only their first names, agreed to talk to FOX19 because they're outraged that the felony sex charges were dropped.
"I'm disgusted, I think it's ridiculous that criminals and perverts have more rights than victims do," said the victim's mother, Laura.
 They have dozens of cards, letters and text messages they say Dye wrote to Kaleigh.
"She's obsessed with my daughter, and who is to say she's not going to turn around and attach herself to another innocent child," Laura said.
But in court none of that matters. The prosecutor's office says under Ohio law 16 years is the age of consent for sexual activity, but Kaleigh says their relationship started when she was 15, now she fears what happens when Dye is released.
"There's no telling what she'll do as soon as she gets out, she knows exactly where I live and I don't want to be there when she shows up at my house," Kaleigh said.

Prosecutors say Dye cut her hair, used the alias "Matt Abrams" and said she was 14 years old in order to be with the 16-year-old girl.

The victim met Dye at a hotel in June, and when she found out Dye was really a woman, she ran away.

Dye still faces six months in jail if she is convicted on the misdemeanor corruption and importuning charges.

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