Norwood woman calls 911 looking for love

Bernadette Music: Hamilton Co Sheriff
Bernadette Music: Hamilton Co Sheriff

By Dan Wells – bio | email

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - A Norwood woman tried to land a date by calling 911.

Police say an intoxicated Bernadette Music, 43, called 911 up to five separate times on July 26, asking for a date.

"I'm having a hard time getting a hold know a date line," Music told the dispatcher. "And I look healthy. I'm 5'1 and ok. I weigh 120 pounds."

"You know she is tying up our valuable resources, she's holding our dispatchers up, our officers are trying to locate her and she got locked up for it," said Lt. Tom Williams with the Norwood Police Department.

When police responded to the call at 2000 Maple Avenue, Music refused to answer the door.

Police say Music urinated in the hallway before she was taken into custody.

"She ended up seeing what the results were of making this stupid phone call," said Williams. "She got locked up, even though it was several days later, we're not going to screw around with something like that, even though it's humorous."

Music is charged with disorderly conduct and will be in court on September 17.

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