Silver Grove students head back to class

 By Sara Celi – bio | email

SILVER GROVE, KY (FOX19) - As students walked in the building of Silver Grove School, they got a friendly greeting from assistant principal Lisa Hilf on this first day of class.

"We have a new procedure where they are coming in this way this year, so I just want to be out here and make sure they know what they're doing, and they get a smile before they come in the door," says Hilf.

There is a lot that is new at Silver Grove School this year. The school district has a new principal, a new superintendent, and a spruced up building. The school got a new coat of paint and new tile work this summer.

"We are going with the theme of the green line. You'll notice that all the way through the high school wing and then through the elementary wings. So that is kind of just a standing point to connect the whole building together," says principal Jamie Baker about the new paint job.

Silver Grove School District is the first school district in the area to go back to school.

"You start all over. It's a brand new year. You can do things better than you did last year. And it's the same thing for the students," says superintendent Ken Ellis.

The school district has an alternative calendar, and it usually means they go back first. Elillis says enrollment is up too.

"We have about 230 kids, and so far, we've had 22 new students enrolled yesterday," says Ellis.

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