New tracking system to keep better numbers of minority subcontractors

By Regina Russo email | bio

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati Public School Board hopes a new tracking system put in place by Ellington Management Services will help keep better numbers of how many minority subcontractors are working on Cincinnati Public School buildings.

"What's new now is collecting more information by tracking diversity of the team through out the life of the job, by tracking payments to subcontractors," said Mike Burson, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction.

Burson adds that what's also new is they will be tracking residences of workers. A problem in the past has been workers hired from outside the county and state.

"The tracking process great and unique opportunity to restore confidence in the process to be transparent this helps us gauge participation," said Sam Malone, the District's Community Outreach and Inclusion monitor.

Malone, a former councilman, was hired in January as the district's community outreach and inclusion monitor. He says it will take EMS some time to get a good read on just what the minority subcontractors numbers are.

"It's going to take EMS a month to really get revved up," he said. "We'll be presenting a report to board thereafter."

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