Quick storms disrupt power in Butler County, elsewhere

By Richard Todd - email

BUTLER COUNTY OH (FOX19) - A strong storm swept across a swath of Butler County around 11:15 p.m. Wednesday night.  

It knocked down trees and caused large power outages between St. Clair Township and Monroe, hitting parts of Lemon, Madison, and Wayne Townships.  There were other storms and outages in other parts of the tri-State, mostly north of the Ohio River.

Butler County dispatchers said trees had been removed from most of the roads within an hour.

Duke Energy was reporting about 7500 customers without power around midnight in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky, with the vast bulk of the affected customers, 5,500 of them, in Butler County.

By 1:30 a.m., there were about 5,000 customers without power, with 2,200 in Butler County, 600 in Warren County, 1,200 in Clermont County, and 500 in Hamilton County.  The outages in Clermont and Hamilton Counties were from separate storms.

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