Cop on top fundraiser

SPRINGDALE (FOX19) - The Springdale Police Department will host and coordinate a Cop On Top event to be held at the Walgreen's store located at State Route 4 (Springfield Pike) and Northland Boulevard. The event will begin Friday, August 6, at 6 AM and end on Saturday, August 7, at 5 PM. The purpose for the event is to raise funds for the Ohio Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics; our goal is to reach $10,000.

Local police chiefs and police officers will take turns sitting on top of scaffolding that will be erected on the corner of State Route 4 and Northland Boulevard. The intent is to have an officer on top for 35 consecutive hours.

Prizes will be awarded during the event; food and drink will be available. A raffle will be held at the conclusion on Saturday.

If any questions please contact the City of Springdale (513) 346-5760 or