National day of peace

Carlos Head organizer for the Peace Project is enacting September 10, 2010 the United States of America 'National Day of Peace' to promote peace and goodwill one person-to-another.

Setting aside a day to promote peace and goodwill, the Peace Project is asking all individuals on this day to lay down the guns, to set aside strife and animosity, to forgive the wrongs committed against you, to help someone in need, to engage a stranger in brotherly and sisterly love, to see beyond our differences, to seek methods to advance peace, and to pray to the Creator (by whatever name you call Him) to help humanity usher in greater peace and goodwill in all the earth.

If you'd like more information about the National Day of Peace, please call LaDawn Elliott at 770-366-9862 or e-mail LaDawn at or visit The Peace Project at