District Five Police ready to expose prostitute clients

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CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - This is a developing story you saw only on FOX19.

"We do have video of actual activity going on," said Officer Lisa Johnson with District Five of the Cincinnati Police Department. "Face of the person, and the truck and the license plate."

Some big Cincinnati businesses are about to get some very bad news Johnson said, about what their employees were doing on company time.

Police in District Five are going to pay those companies a visit with disturbing videotape, showing their employees, caught in the act with prostitutes.

There are 120 known prostitutes in Cincinnati, meaning those with police records. And Officer Lisa Johnson knows all of their faces.

Police in her district, District Five, have video records of business-people, some in-uniform, and on company time, and in some cases, in marked company vehicles, doing business on West McMicken Avenue with prostitutes.

There are license plates from all over the tri-state.

"Work plates," Johnson said. "Like different companies, they know who they are."

Police and neighbors are keeping track of who's coming and going down their street.

"I've been doing this investigation for a long time," Johnson said. "People are pulling-out videotapes, people are videotaping these prostitutes walking up to the cars."

And Officer Johnson *has* video of them caught in the act.

"They're picking things up and not dropping anything off," she said. In marked company vehicles.

"It's going to go public and I'll let the companies know first just to give them the heads-up," Officer Johnson said. Johnson has made it her mission to rid West McMicken of prostitution.

"We have arrested a lot of businessmen," she said.

And that's just since January of this year and plenty of prostitutes as well, who's lives Johnson said, are drug-driven.

"When I talk to the girls that seems to be the main thing," she said. "They seem to feed their habit and that's it, they don't have anything else."

Johnson said the prostitution problem is rampant in small hotels all along the western end of Central Parkway.

"When I arrest them," Officer Johnson said. "All they have in their pocket is a crack pipe, or a needle, they don't have any money."

And at the Interstate Hotel at the end of West McMicken, where two prostitutes were arrested right after a protest Tuesday.

"Some of these girls are so high at times," Johnson said. "They don't even notice I'm standing behind them when they're trying to shoot up."

Cherie Jackson and Marlene Pitts, both 34-years-old, were charged with soliciting, yet police say both women were seen back out on the streets hours later.

"Why is there this revolving door?," we asked. "The jail's too crowded," Johnson said. "They need a bigger jail, the tax didn't go through and we don't have a bigger jail."

But in the bigger picture, Johnson said she is proud of the way people are taking action.

"If you think well, there's no police cars, I'm good, well, Joe Neighbor's watching you and they're videotaping everything that's going on," she said.

Officer Johnson would not reveal yet, which companies and their employees are involved, but she said that is all going to be made public very soon.

As far as people taking action, she says never come into physical contact with any of these women or men and always call police.

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