Football players keep safe while practicing in hot weather

By Dan Wells – email/bio

CINCINNATI (FOX19) –   Hhigh school football teams around the Tri-state have started to prepare for the upcoming season and because of today's oppressive weather, a temperature of 95 degrees and a heat index of 110 degrees, they are not only playing football they're practicing "cooling" techniques too.

"We had a couple of guys a little dizzy this morning starting to show a little heat exhaustion and like I said, they were guys who had not eaten breakfast so we take them out let them hydrate cool off then they back practicing this afternoon" says the Elder High school Football Training Staff.

Trainers and coaches at Elder high school have demanded their players take water breaks, take off their helmets and to let the proper authorities know if they felt dizzy or faint.

"You know if you don't feel very well just tell us, you have to eat, you have to rest, you have to do all of those things to take care of yourself just like anybody would working outside" says Doug Ramsey, Elder Head Football Coach.

That mind-set has helped lower the number of heat-related deaths around the country in recent years and kept these kids safe on what can be a scorching practice field.

"Couple of my friends weren't feeling too well ... (they) just have to drink a lot of water" says Mitch Asman, Elder Football player.