Tractor-trailer hits Covington bridge

By Dan Wells – bio | email

COVINGTON (FOX19) – It was too tight of a fit for one truck driver making his way under a Covington bridge.

A tractor-trailer carrying huge rolls of carpet got stuck under the C-S-X railroad bridge at Scott and 17th streets in Covington.

Neighbors say believe it or not, it is a familiar sight here in the Austinburg section of the city.

"I guess they don't know what kind of trucks they're driving, it clearly says 11'6, it happens all the time though," said Jeff Golsby.

"This is third time that it's happened this year with in a matter of four months," said Brian Shipman.

While people who live in the area say accidents like this aren't surprising, they do rattle nerves.

"It sounded like a train derailing and I have grandkids in here and I thought a train derailed," said Shipman.

Dispatchers say the truck was traveling south here on Scott Street when it hit the bridge around 3 p.m.

The impact peeled back the roof of the truck and made a mess in the area for hours.

"We are not sure of the speed, apparently he didn't obey the posted height limits on the overpass so right now we have Scott Street shut down at 16th Street and the rail road has stopped all train traffic over the bridge until they can get it checked," said Sgt. Noll with Covington Police.

For much of Monday night, a tow truck crew worked to extricate the truck, its contents and clear the area.

The impact did not damage the bridge.

Covington Police say the driver could face citations for the accident.

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