Guilty plea helps bring closure to 8-year-old murder case

William McNally (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
William McNally (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

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MADISONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - There is some closure in a murder case that is 8 years old.

William McNally, 28, pleaded guilty Tuesday to aggravated manslaughter and burglary in the death of 19-year-old Nolan Moi back in 2002.

Cincinnati Police found Moi dead in his Erie Avenue apartment from a single gunshot. After Moi's death, his mother did more than grieve. She stepped into action and started a movement here in the tri-state, helping other families deal with loss and bring killers to justice.

Lucy Logan launched the website, "Who Killed Our Kids?" She said she sacrificed her marriage with her drive and determination over nearly a decade to find her son's killers.

Her hard work paid off and she is proud, for Nolan's sake, that she never gave up.

McNally admitted Tuesday that he was the one who shot and killed Moi. He's charged with aggravated manslaughter and burglary.

"I wanted him to get more time," Logan said.

The manslaughter charge is down from the original murder charge that would have meant life in prison for McNally, who got 16 years in the plea deal.

Two other men involved in Moi's killing, Joseph Nickely and Nathan Elrod, were all members of a gang called The Queen City Knuckleheads.

"They were all very high and very drunk," Logan said. "Nickley is a heroin addict, he was passed out in the back seat, Elrod was passed out."

But coherent enough she said, to rob her son while looking for pot, and then killed him.

"There was no evidence," Logan said. "There was no fingerprints, there was no gun, there was nothing."

Until another former gang member saw her story on TV, realized it was his buddies who had killed Nolan Moi, and came forward.

"It was pretty miraculous," Logan said.

Prosecutors had almost no case against McNally until that man stepped forward.

"It was like two bad guys turning in another bad guy so the fact that he was willing to plea was an absolute miracle," Logan said.

"Nolan is gone," Logan lamented. "I will never get him back, never."

Her son was the bass player in a band called The Spits.

"Just a great kid," she said.

Logan said she has found peace with her son's death now.

"I want to forgive and I want to move on," she said.

Logan said vindication, getting even or focusing on revenge would have killed her.

"What can I do to keep from dying myself?," she said. "From having me die emotionally, mentally with this."

Instead she poured herself into finding her son's killers and launched the website, "Who Killed Our Kids", right after Nolan's death.

She will look her son's killer, McNally, in the eyes and read a final statement to him on the 26th.

"His (Nolan's) death is part of my relationship with him and this plea to be there, to be there to represent Nolan it my, my duty as a parent," she said.

Logan said she never had a vigil for Nolan. It was too painful she said, but she is happy to help others who are stronger.

She said every time someone sees one of their vigils on TV she gets calls. The group doesn't solve every case, but they do solve a lot.

Nickely is expected to plead guilty for his role in Nolan Moi's death Wednesday.

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