P&G entrepreneur Ross Love passed away at 64 leaving a legacy

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Local entrepreneur Ross Love passed away at Christ Hospital Tuesday. He was 64 years old.

At the age of 38, Love had already achieved a huge success as Vice President of Advertising Worldwide as Proctor and Gamble.

Fifteen years ago, the Proctor and Gamble executive broke new ground and saved a failing black owned radio station from failure. He and his business partners, including former Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, bought WIZF and later WDBZ the Buzz.

"He may be singular in Cincinnati he had extraordinary success at P and G he bought one radio station grew it, and selling it for lots of money. Rare to see that combination of skills in one human being." says George Vincent, Managing Partner at Dinsmore and Shohl.

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce named Love, Great Living Cincinnatian in 2008. George Vincent says that there are few qualities he possessed that are the reason why.

"Passion in what he did, quiet way of commanding respect you wanted him to like you." says Vincent.

Love also donated a million dollars to the United Way Community chest, gave seed money to starting up businesses and made sure that African Americans had a voice at the table.

"That's how I ended up at the buzz, rejuvenated radio broadcast career," says Lincoln Ware, Talk Show host at WDBZ-1230AM.

Love used his broadcasting company, Blue Chip Broadcasting and started Cincinnati's first and only African American talk radio station.

In 2001, when the city was full of unrest because of bad police relations, Love stepped into a new role as community activist and called a meeting with the NAACP, the Urban League and religious leaders.

"Many others from black community came at Ross's urging to form Cincinnati CAN." says Rev. Damon Lynch, led protests following unrest of 2001.

This lead to Love addressing critical issues and working to form a solution to the race relations problems in the city.  This became one of his many living legacies.

Love also became a minor owner of the Cincinnati Reds. There was a moment of silence for Love at Great American Ballpark on Tuesday.

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