Checking tire pressure essential during excessive heat

By Tiffany Teasley – bio | email
FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - Driving on under-inflated tires during a heat wave can cause some serious damage to your tires.
"The heat expands the tires, and they tend to wear more, they can actually blow out on you," said Joe McFarland, Manager at Jeff Pohlman Tire & Auto in Fairfield. 
They've been inflating and replacing tire after tire,  as the heat drives up their pressure.
"You always see tires under-inflated," McFarland said.
McFarland showed Fox19 an example of one of those tires worn down because of the under inflation plus the heat.
"If the tire is under-inflated, it will wear the shoulders of the tires out a lot quicker than the rest of the tire," McFarland said.
And looks can be deceiving, McFarland says a tire can lose 50 percent of it's pressure even though it may not appear to be flat.
"A lot of times the front tires will look lower, and they might be right up to pressure, because that's the way that they're designed."
He says you should check your tires one a month and before long trips, he says on most cars, tire pressure information is located below the drivers side door.
"If you fill them to the proper pressure, by doing that you're not only making it safe, you're also saving more on gas mileage too," McFarland said.
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