8-year-old boy attacked by dog

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SPRING GROVE VILLAGE, OH (FOX19) - It was a scary day for an 8-year-old boy on Beechwood Avenue.

He was bitten in the face by the family's dog. The SPCA says the boy's father was at a doctor's appointment at the VA Hospital.  Neighbors complain there are lots of dangerous dogs on the loose in that neighborhood.

Donna Harmon lives there and said you can't single out one house on the block.

"There's all kinds of dogs that roam free," she said.

Plenty of dogs, especially pit bulls, run loose.

"I didn't think they were allowed in the city either," Harmon said. "But I see them all over the neighborhood walking on leashes and they're everywhere."

Harmon said the dog in this incident is outside a lot without any restraint. The SPCA says it was primarily a boxer breed, with what they suspect is some pit bull mixed in.

"No he's not on a leash," Harmon said of her neighbor's dog. "He runs free, he pretty much has his freedom."

And that's why she said her young grandkids are kept at arms-length.

"I have four, four grandbabies," she said. "That's under the age of 6."

She said the kids are kept inside when the dogs are out.

"You just kind of stay indoors and you stay out back, it's easier," Harmon said.

"Vicious dogs are illegal in the City of Cincinnati," Councilman Chris Monzel said, and that's according to the city's law.

"It's confusing and there's a lot of twists and turns to it and it's difficult to enforce," he said.

Monzel said there was some grandfathering-in for pit-bull owners.

"They could come down, get them registered, get them micro-chipped, get an insurance policy out and they could keep legally, in the City of Cincinnati and there's probably a couple dozen that actually did that back in 2003," Monzel said.

Council re-affirmed the ordinance in 2008 to include any dog that had even the slightest bit of pit bull mixed in.

"Honestly," Monzel said. "Almost every summer, we at least see one or two attacks that take place and that's unfortunate because it's dealing with little children typically."

Like Harmon's two-year-old grandchild Anika, who could easily be overpowered by the neighbor's dog.

"He is definitely taller than her," Harmon said. "She's not allowed outside if I see that dog, no way."

The SPCA believes the 8-year-old boy across the street was attacked outside his home.

"He's as big as the boy is," Harmon said. "He can jump up on him real quick."

No word on if the dog's owner will face charges.

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