Keeping cool at the Western & Southern Tournament

By Kimberly Holmes – bio | email

MASON, OH (FOX19)  - Things are heating up on and off the court at the Western and Southern Financial Group tournament.

It was quite a task on Friday to keep cool in Mason. Doctors worked overtime to keep players, staff and fans healthy in the heat.

Dr. David Silver is volunteering in the First Aid Tent this week. He said he's seen it all.

"The heat is, I think, more intense than last year," said Dr. Silver. "With heat {indices} over the triple digits, a lot of people aren't staying as hydrated as they should and get to spend some time in here instead."

The fourth-year, University of Cincinnati, emergency medicine resident made his rounds around the complex in a golf cart. He said the medical volunteers walk and ride around the complex all day, keeping an eye out for potential patients.

"We're seeing a lot of things from feet injuries all the way up to people who have passed out," said Silver. "Seizures, fallen down some stairs, so it's been a busy start. Lots of heat exhaustion."

Silver is just one of nearly 30 medical professionals who pledge to keep everyone safe.

"It seems like right now, if things keep up the way they are, we'll actually beat our numbers from last year as far as people we've treated and seen," said Silver.

Silver believes more people are out this week to see the Women's Open. That means more spectators out in the stands, earlier than usual, bracing the high heat and humidity for longer. It's an equation that keeps University of Cincinnati doctors, residents and nurses constantly busy. So far, in the last five days, they've treated 136 people. The total for both weeks last year was 426.

But don't feel bad for these doting doctors. The job isn't without it's perks. Silver's most memorable moment so far?

"Probably sharing an elevator with Sharapova."

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