Cincinnati Public Schools announce major improvements for "Turnaround Schools"

By Brad Underwood – bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX 19) – It's truly a happy day for Cincinnati public schools.  Sixteen CPS schools in the turnaround program are making great progress after just one year in the program.

For the first time ever, five schools move out the academic emergency state ranking category after only year of the turnaround program. Today Superintendent Mary Ronan called out six specific schools for their work. The immediate improvement is a direct result of the program itself and the direction it provides.

"This program provided those strategies here," said Ronan.  "What you should be doing…this is where we're going and the staff stepped up to the plate when we gave the strategies and direction and guidance."

For the first time ever, five schools emerged from the "academic emergency" ranking category. Rockdale Academy, Roll Hill Academy, Rothenberg Preparatory Academy, Ethel M. Taylor Academy and William H. Taft School are now listed in the "Continuous Improvement" category.

Alesia Smith is the principal at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy, and she says not only are the test scores up, student attitude is extremely high.

"You could see the kids faces, they began to light up when they knew they were getting it, " said Smith.  "It was like oh I got it, look, I went up five points on my test."

The six school that made improvements was Frederick M. Douglas School.  They moved from "Academic Watch" to "Continuous Improvement" and now all six schools are meeting state and federal standards.

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