The Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati making miracles in Tri-state

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CINCINNATI (FOX19) – Imagine being pregnant with twins when you're told one of your unborn babies has a fluid buildup in its chest.

The Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati is a collaboration between Children's Hospital Medical Center, University Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, and is leading the way in this specialized care and its attracting moms from all over the world.

Fetal surgery is the last thing any parent wants to think about.

"I mean obviously, we couldn't imagine anyone doing procedures on unborn children, unborn babies' how do you do procedures on them," says mom, Dr. Mridula Reddy MD.

Fetal Surgery was the only fix to keep her unborn daughter's chest fluid build-up from becoming a life-threatening health issue.

"They tried to drain the fluid off hoping it wouldn't come back, but it did, almost three times and then we decided at 30 weeks it would safer to have the shunt procedure," says Reddy.

It's called thoracentesis; it's a procedure where a shunt or a small, flexible tube is placed in the unborn baby's chest to drain unwanted and dangerous fluid.

Dr. Ronald Jaekle MD says the other end of the shunt is left outside the baby's chest wall, to allow that fluid to continuously drain.

"It takes us about 45 minutes to get it done it took more time to get the anesthesia then it did the procedure," says Dr. Jaekle.

Doctors say believe it or not the shunt is left in place until after the baby's born.

"When you look at it from an individuals' doctors standpoint or a general OBGYN doctor in the community, they may see one or two cases like this a year," says Jaekle.

Patients from 27 states as well as a few countries have chosen to fly to University Hospital's - Fetal Care Center to increase the odds of survival for their complicated pregnancies, it's something Dr Reddy says it's something she wouldn't have changed for the health of her daughter.

"There has been no respiratory problems she has been doing very well she is just like any normal baby and I'm really thankful for that," says Reddy.

Below is information about the The Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati

The Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati is a collaboration among Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, The University Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital that brings together renowned fetal and maternal medicine specialists, leading technologies and a full range of integrated support services in the care of high-risk pregnancies. The Fetal Care Center is intensely committed to improving outcomes for high-risk pregnancies and enhancing quality of life for every baby treated.  One of the few truly comprehensive fetal care programs in the world, the Fetal Care Center contains the world's first unit specifically designed for the care of the fetal surgical patient.  The Fetal Care Center is the only comprehensive center for fetal evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in the Midwest and one of the only centers in the world affiliated with a top children's hospital, two Level III maternity hospitals and three Level III newborn intensive care units.

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If you would like to request an appointment or get more information about the Fetal Care Center of Cincinnati, please call us at 1-888-338-2559 (1-888-FETAL59).

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