Parents go to court after toddler attacked by dog

Melissa Fields and Steve Durbin
Melissa Fields and Steve Durbin

TRENTON, OH (FOX19) - A Trenton couple is facing charges after a 1-year-old boy was bitten by the family dog.

Melissa Fields and Steve Durbin were in court Thursday afternoon on three different charges, including failure to confine a vicious dog, failure to license the dog, and failure to obtain liability insurance.

Fields told the judge in court on Thursday that the dog in question wasn't hers, and doesn't even live at her boyfriend's residence where the accident happened.

"I just went there to let his dogs out and she just bit my son and I just threw her out in the backyard and I just called 911, I mean I did what any mother would do," said Fields.

Durbin was given a court appointed attorney, and Fields is seeking her own representation.

The 1-year-old boy was mauled by the pit bull-boxer mix earlier this month at the family's home on Barrington Court. He suffered cuts to his head and face and was taken to Children's Hospital.

The dog has since been put down.

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