Police: Man lost in woods was harvesting ginseng

BROOKVILLE, IN (FOX19) - Police say a man who went missing in the woods in Indiana got lost while harvesting ginseng.

Police say Cecil Henson, 68, and his grandson, Andrew Wilson, 23, were in a wooded area at Brookville Reservoir on Tuesday evening under the pretext of scouting for deer.

The pair split up and only Wilson was able to make it back to their vehicle. Wilson and his father began searching for Henson, but when they couldn't find him, they contacted the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.

Henson was located shortly after 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and denied medical assistance. When he returned to his vehicle, Indiana Conservation Officers spotted freshly harvested ginseng roots in his possession.

An interview revealed that Henson was not scouting for deer, but rather trying to harvest ginseng.

According to Indiana law, ginseng may be harvested Sept. 1 through Dec. 31 each year. It may not be harvested on state property.

Henson and Wilson were both found to be in possession of hundreds of ginseng roots that were illegally harvested. They are facing misdemeanor charges.