Gunman arrested after shots fired at officers

Jason West (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)
Jason West (Source: Hamilton County Sheriff's Office)

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - A suspect is in custody after shots were fired at Cincinnati Police Officers.

Police Chief Tom Streicher says two undercover officers were in the area of Reading Road between Lexington and Windham when a suspect identified as Jason West recognized them as undercover officers and held his hands out. The officers also recognized West as a wanted person.

"There was a group of people in the corner and one of the people in the group stepped out and as it's been described to me, stepped out, and took kind of a Jesus on the cross pose, stepped out, with an, what are you going to do about me towards the officers and then he tapped his waistband," says Streicher.

West then ran away and ducked in an alley, where he began to fire shots at the officers. The officers fired back, firing up to 10 shots.

No one was injured.

West then went into a nearby apartment complex. That's when SWAT was called into to search for him in the 47-unit apartment building. After a few hours, West was found and taken into custody. He is charged with felonious assault, but numerous other charges are expected. Police say they are also contacting the U.S. Attorney to file possible federal charges against him.

The section of Reading Road where the investigation was taking place was shut down for most of the morning, causing detours for Cincinnati Public School buses and Metro buses. The area is now reopen.

People who live in the area describe a scary morning. Erica Bess says she'll be walking with her kids to school from now on.

"I'm going to start walking them from now on, so I won't have this problem no more, no concerns about them going or anything, or anything happening to them on the way to school," said Bess.

Police are still looking for any witnesses to the incident.

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